The lies that I uncover,

Grow bigger every day!

Until I stop believing,

A single word they say,

Underneath the deception,

Things they don’t want us to know,

Running from the darkness,

With nowhere safe to go,

What I have discovered,

Is shocking and so clear,

The stuff of my nightmares,

Filling me with fear,

For the Earth is flat!

We never went to the Moon!

And the end of the world,

Is happening soon!

Politicians are all liars!

Money is not real!

Evolution did not happen!


There is poison in every meal!

The Queen is a reptile!

They want another war!

The one percent rule the world,

By stealing from the poor!

Dinosaurs did not exist!

We travelled here from Mars,

We have been genetically modified,

By beings from the stars!

And I have seen the evidence,

I don’t know what to do!

Because everything that I believed…..

Turns out not to be true.


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