Ten months to the day,

Since my world did change,

And as I look back through time,

I find it rather strange,

To notice the transformation,

All that I have achieved,

That Ten months and a day ago,

I would never have believed,

I am now somebody,

Somebody of worth,

For the first and only time,

Since the moment of my birth,

For I am a poet,

I now have a career,

Overcame a great addiction,

Rid my mind of fear,

For I am mighty I am strong,

I am courageous and brave,

Because I took a leap of faith,

And surfed the biggest wave,

Now I stand victorious,

I stood tall I overcame,

All the ghosts that haunted me,

My life will never be the same,

Because I am at peace now,

My soul wiped clean from sin,

And with joy inside my heart,

My future can begin.


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