AT each intersection,

Our future is decided,

Through new lessons,

We are mystically guided,

There is no wrong road to take,

We learn in every option,

Each path has obstacles,

Poetry in motion,

Each and every path,

Leading to the same place,

Sitting here by candlelight,

Looking at your face.


I have tried and tried so hard,

To behave and to conform,

But I never felt like I fit in,

That I was part of the norm,

I knew that I was different,

I felt so out of place,

To live up to their expectations…

Come join the rat race,

For four decades….

I tried and tried once more,

Every time I reached out,

In my face they slammed the door,

Finally I embraced,

My eccentricity,

And on the hill found solace,

Away from this society.



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