The elite few at the top,

Trying to control,

Feeding their lies to the masses,

Trying to blacken my soul,

They feed us lies and poison,

They rule us with their hate,

But my friends and neighbours,

It is really not too late,

They will be coming for us,

To destroy free society,

Join now with the awakened,

They will never take me,

I can hear the beat of their drum,

As they try to cross the border,

Yet with love I shall never fear,

The New World Order.



I gave love to the universe,

In deep meditation,

Love and forgiveness,

Without hesitation,

In return I was bestowed,

With riches so priceless,

A different way of looking,

I was no longer lifeless,

We are all connected,

There is no separation,

To know that we are love,

Is where we find liberation,

I look at the sky now,

Above me two white doves,

What if nobody believes my words……..

Somebody already does.


We have been bound together,

Since before we left the womb,

A bond that will endure,

Long after we lay in our tomb,

Connected by a silver thread,

For all eternity,

Everlasting soul mates,

Part of you and me,

Maybe in the next life,

We shall take on a different guise,

But know that when we meet again,

You my friend I shall recognise.


We are living in the matrix,

What we see is not the truth,

It is now time to wake up,

Look for the proof,

All that is…is not,

All that will be has been,

The illusion is life itself,

Nothing have we seen,

Our minds are just projectors,

We see what we believe to be true,

We create this world with thought,

Awaken me and you,

Strip away the layers,

Be brave and understand,

We are more than what we know,

The future has been planned,

In spirit we move forward,

We start to see past the charade,

And when it comes into focus,

We have the winning card.


A feeling just washed over me,

A feeling I cannot explain,

That everything is how it is meant to be,

I need to let go of the pain,

My life does have some meaning,

It was decided before I was born,

I am exactly where I am supposed to be,

There is no past to mourn,

Written in the stars somewhere,

My future waits to be revealed,

Tailored for my benefit,

To aid my soul to be healed.