AT each intersection,

Our future is decided,

Through new lessons,

We are mystically guided,

There is no wrong road to take,

We learn in every option,

Each path has obstacles,

Poetry in motion,

Each and every path,

Leading to the same place,

Sitting here by candlelight,

Looking at your face.


I have tried and tried so hard,

To behave and to conform,

But I never felt like I fit in,

That I was part of the norm,

I knew that I was different,

I felt so out of place,

To live up to their expectations…

Come join the rat race,

For four decades….

I tried and tried once more,

Every time I reached out,

In my face they slammed the door,

Finally I embraced,

My eccentricity,

And on the hill found solace,

Away from this society.




I watched in utter disbelief,

As you spun your web of lies,

In an effort to win me over,

You wanted me as your prize,

I was so innocent then,

Trusting and naïve,

When it comes down to truth,

Your version you did weave,

Now when I look at you,

So bitter and alone,

Now I am the one at peace,

I am the one who has grown,

Compassion for you now,

Has replace my fear,

Because in the end I escaped…

And karma found you my dear.


Feeling slightly ill,

I turned to the internet,

Typed in my symptoms,

It’s serious I bet,

My diagnosis is grim,

As it turns out,

I have a brain tumour,

Listeria and Gout,

Possibly crohns disease,

Hypertension or Scabies,

Streptococcal infection,

Athlete’s foot and Rabies,

I’m feeling worse by the minute,

I have terminal paranoia,

I really should write a will,

And find a decent lawyer,

I only had a headache,

I hope I make it through the night,

Because according to the web,

Death is my plight.


Last night I woke up,

In a different dimension,

I knew not where I was,

Filled with apprehension,

Everything a muddle,

My eyes could not see,

All was fragmented,

In a new reality,

For the briefest moment,

I was not of this earth,

In a place I had been many many times,

Forgotten at my birth,

Given the smallest glimpse,

A different space and time,

It grew and it pulsated,

Then flowed from me in rhyme.


I am back,

In the society I detest,

Trying hard to conform,

Trying hard to do my best,

This is not what I wanted,

You see I have no choice,

The rulers have decided,

They do not hear my voice,

I want to go back to the orchards,

Back where I was free to fly,

A place where I was accepted,

Where I did not have to try,

Freedom is their jingle,

Yet in truth we are but a slave,

We make no decisions,

Told how to behave,

I want to sit on the bridge once more,

Watch the river with different hues,

Because I can no longer do it,

And now there is nothing left to loose.